Mastermind Team’s Robcast - Grime Check

It’s time to take a shower and listen to the all-new episode of Mastermind Team’s Robcast!

The legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D are back at the end of week 6 of quarantine. Rob discusses coming down after a 60 hour fast and reviews the Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Enemy. Dann talks about an overt amount of smells and flexes his Sex and the City knowledge.
Later, Rob runs down a list of the best movies to watch if you start suffering from cabin fever. Crown City Cooking goes over the perfect potato chip pairings with wine, $800 sushi, and quarantine recipes you can enjoy at home. Can you guess what outlandish sandwich Dann concocted on 420? 

New Challenger

This week’s gauntlet of weird includes stories involving:

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode sponsored by Hammer Town!

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