March 10, 2020

White Turtle Privilege

The Best Podcast in Baltimore!

This week on an all-new episode, the legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, go deep on the ’90s, death updates and writing skills.

Dann talks about his week spent with too much Fiverr work and a sinus infection. Rob discusses 20 discontinued things you can buy on eBay right now. Between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cereal, Melody Pops and Mighty Max, come get lost in the ultimate nostalgia vortex. Plus Dann talks about the various digital pets he and his sister once owned. 

Will Dann ever find another pair of Reebok Pumps? Will James Lipton finally interview Jesus? All we know for certain is Nano Babies are just as difficult to raise as real babies.

Crown City Cook

Dann discusses a Ranker list of discontinued McDonald’s items that people won’t stop talking about.

Can you guess which one is Dann’s favorite?

Do you miss the McSalad Shakers as much as we do?

Geek Stuff

Quick stories involve the PlayStation 2 turning 20, Atari rereleasing Missile Command and Zynga Games getting sued!

New Challenger

Will Dann survive a solo gauntlet of stories involving:

- Semen-filled Needles

- Hearse Heists

- Pornographic Seagulls

- Judge Judy

- Leap Year Marriage Proposals

- Gross Ass Collections

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode of MASTERMIND TEAM'S ROBCAST approved by 8 out of 10 dusty millennials.

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This is our podcast where Rob Lee interview local tastemakers, entrepreneurs and artists to get stories from real people about the real Baltimore. New episodes every Friday. 

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